Can Earbuds Damage My Teen’s Hearing?

Earbuds, you see them all the time whether it’s for listening to music, streaming video or using the Bluetooth. They are

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Children’s Water Safety – Pool

With summer’s arrival comes vacations to the pool or the beach. It’s important to educate families on water safety so that

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How to Treat Sunburn

If you didn’t follow our tips about choosing and wearing sunscreen then you may find yourself asking how do I treat

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How to Manage Toddler Tantrums?

You may be asking yourself why a pediatrician’s office is talking about temper tantrums but you would be surprised, or maybe

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AAP Policy Cites Harms of E-cigarettes

ENDS (electronic nicotine delivery system), including e-cigarettes, are becoming more and more popular. One reason people are starting to use e-cigarettes

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Hiding Veggies in Your Kid’s Food: Does it Work?

When a child is a picky eater, food and nutrition become a significant source of concern. Picky eating in toddlers and

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Seasonal Allergies – How to Treat and Prevent in Children

Itchy nose, watery eyes, tickly throat, constant need of a tissue… Hello Springtime! More like hello allergy season! Many of these symptoms

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Water Safety for Children

We briefly touched on water safety in our blog: Tips for Fun in the Sun but with summer approaching, we felt it

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