How to Declutter Your Playroom

You may ask yourself how does the topic of decluttering your house apply to your family’s health. Think about how much more stressful your day is when you are dealing with stuff everywhere. And, the more stuff you have out and about, the higher the potential is for accidents and physical injury. At CMC, we not only focus on your family’s physical health but also your mental.


  1. With the release of new iPads, game consoles, and movies, you have no need for older electronics. Together, you and your child can sort through their unwanted DVDs, CDs, video games, and old technology and either recycle it or to send to a program like Decluttr. They offer competitive pricing, particularly on technology, and will help you make money while making room in your home. Gather a box of items and they’ll send you a prepaid label to ship your unwanted items. The day after their arrival, Decluttr will pay you by check, PayPal, or direct deposit.

For the devices that you are keeping, have a place for them to be every night. Encourage your children to plug them in overnight in one location so that they have a home and they’re not in the children’s rooms at bedtime.


  1. Get rid of toys. This sounds like a daunting task, after all, there are SO many! But, have your kids help sort out their favorite “must keep” toys and give the rest of them away. If you make it a habit say after every holiday or birthday, it just becomes part of your family routine.


  1. Donate, consign or sell outgrown clothing (or pack away for younger or future children). Once clothing is too small, there is really no need to keep them in the closet or child’s room, especially if you have storage space. Local organizations like Safe Haven, Miracle Hill and Goodwill are great places to take your donated clothing (and toys) so that they can benefit children who need them.


  1. Get what you’ve decided to keep organized! Organize the playroom (and kid’s bedrooms) with storage that is both practical and pretty. Use colorful bins or baskets to house their legos, blocks, and figurines. Keep the bins close to the ground so your kiddos are able to dig through them on their own when you aren’t able to help. This also will make it easier for them to clean everything up themselves. If your children are young, consider using photos to label the bins.


  1. Just like technology and clothing, we outgrow furniture too. If your child’s big-kid bedroom or playroom is still cluttered with outgrown furniture from their time as a baby, consider donating, selling or putting in storage. Furniture takes up a lot of space and just provides one more thing to trip over.


It can be incredibly freeing to free up space in your home. Let’s eliminate stress along with the clutter and maybe even benefit some families with gently used items that your family no longer needs.