Your Teen’s First Summer Job!

Summer is the perfect time for your teen to get their first job!  The search alone will help them boost their interview skills, résumé, and ultimately work experience. Not to mention the communication skills and responsibility they can learn! To help your teen, suggest they begin with a list of interests, strengths, and dislikes. This will help to narrow down possible areas to search. For example, an interest in swimming could prompt life guarding at a pool or beach, child swim instructor, or assistant aquatic physical therapist. If  interested in animals they could walk dogs, pet sit, work at a pet store, animal shelter, vet clinic, or dog groomer.

Your teen will be excited about the opportunity to make their own money. However, the aim of their first job should be to learn, as well as make money. Ideally, a job that can help lead towards future, long-term goals, and careers. For instance, if they potentially want to study art in college, they could find a gallery assistant job. This will help determine if they are truly interested, as well as getting experience in the area. Entry level seasonal jobs fill quickly so begin the search early and be persistent. It’s important your teen take charge of the search. You can support and assist, but the process of job searching takes initiative and requires communication. They will also learn how to cope with rejection as well as the rewarding feeling of experiencing their hard work, and mild discomfort pay off with a job.

To get the job search started here are 3 steps your teen can take:

Prepare a résumé

– Their résumé should focus on schooling, extracurricular clubs, sports, and volunteering.


– Have them hand out their résumé to friends, family, teachers, and people from the neighborhood or other activities. People who know your teen are likely to spread the word or may know someone who is looking for a summer employee.

Go shop to shop

– Make sure to help your teen practice what they will say, this can be intimidating and successful.

It is always an exciting time in life when your child is old enough to start their first job! It puts money in their pocket (and keeps it in yours!) and most importantly teaches them skills they will be able to use for a lifetime. Happy job hunting!