The Importance of Talking to Your Teens

In today’s digital world, it is becoming easier to not have face to face conversations, especially with our teens. We often use other forms of communication that tend to be less intimate, removing those valuable connection times. Studies show this type of communication can affect your child negatively, even into adulthood.
According to a new study in Biological Psychiatry , that followed kids between the ages of 11 to 25 years old, children with consistent parent communication in early adolescence can have a significant decrease in the use of alcohol, drugs and even emotional eating in their young adulthood. The study suggests that ongoing communication between children and parents aid development of a brain network that processes rewards and other stimuli that can combat the urge to over consume food, alcohol, and drugs.

You never know what may be going on in your child’s life. You may see them every day and still not truly know what they are going through. We would like to encourage you to simply ask questions. There are plenty of places your kid can pick up stressors like, school, work, friends, or sports. That is why it is important to ask your teen how their day went and even ask for details.

Below are some ideas for conversation starters:

How was your day? What did you do?
What do you have planned this weekend?
What type of music do you like?
How are your classes? Do you have a favorite?
Who is your best friend?
What is your most embarrassing moment?
What is your dream job?
What would you perfect day consist of?
What are your plans after high school?

Get more conversation starters here!

Just as important as asking the question is being sure you are listening to their response. Life moves fast and your teen will be changing so quickly and experiencing many new things, you want to be sure they know there is safety in their relationship with you.

So parents, let’s put our devices down and be sure we are talking to these kids we have been given the blessing of parenting. It truly makes a difference!