Why are Yearly Physicals Important?

Your child is healthy, they get physicals in the summer for camp and in the spring for baseball, so why do they need to come to the doctor for a complete physical each year?

There are several reasons!

  1. A LOT can change over a year or even over a few months when it comes to children and this applies to children of ALL ages, not just infants and toddlers. Your child’s  growth is an important sign of health. At their physical, we carefully weigh and measure your child and plot his or her growth on national growth  charts.  We are able to assess overweight, underweight and general nutrition. More than just weight and height, we can see all development factors and make sure that your child is on track.
  2. Letting us see your child every year gives  you a chance to ask questions about general health, proper  nutrition, and normal  child and adolescent development.  It is an opportunity to ask the  doctor any questions that have come up during the year, to  discuss health and school or learning  concerns.  We want to partner with you and your family to ensure that you are all making healthy lifestyle choices.
  3. Camp and sports physicals are really only concerned with the short-term and whether your child is fit or not to play a sport or attend a camp. Yearly complete physicals allow us to look at long-term and take extra time to inspect areas that are not looked at during sick visits. We can actually fill out the sports or camp physicals at the time of your yearly complete physical if you’d like to schedule them together. At the full check-up, we check and test for many other potential problems by observation, palpitation and sometimes lab tests. We  check vision, hearing, urine, or blood. We check for  scoliosis, the heart for the development of a heart murmur or rhythm changes. We may feel around the abdomen and check the lymph nodes to detect early swellings or enlargement of the organs  that could be signs of a tumor or other disease.  Our doctors, during well visits, have picked up numerous cases of critically  important diseases in their early stages, saving lives.
  4. If your  child is on prescription medications, we require an annual physical in our office in order to continue writing those  prescriptions.
  5. Shots! They’re not fun, but they are recommended. Typically, your child’s yearly visit is when we are able to give them their vaccinations and keep them on schedule. Every year, there are new medical  advances in child care, sometimes new preventive  vaccines are recommended, and we pass the new recommendations to you so you can make the best choices for your child’s  health  from year to year.
  6. Most insurances cover well visits for preventative care. This, of course, depends on your insurance plan but it is fairly normal for insurance companies to cover your preventative well visits.
  7. We get to know you and your family better! This is our favorite part (other than ensuring your child’s health). We truly believe that getting to know your family better will only improve our ability to provide you care.


We value the trust and confidence you have put in our doctors and staff and appreciate being able to take the best possible care of your child. See you for your next visit!