Fall Crafts

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching! Whether you want to spend some much-needed time together as a family or keep the kids entertained while you get dinner ready, we have a few kid-friendly projects for you to try. We’ve gathered a list of 5 fall inspired crafts to do with your children.

Photo Credit: Craft Morning
  1.  Turkey Cones –
  • Materials: Black marker, elastic string, construction paper; red, orange, white, and brown, feathers, scissors and glue/tape
  • Directions:
    • Using the brown construction paper, draw a half circle along the edge. You can use a piece of string or compass to achieve this.
    • Roll these pieces into cones, taping or gluing them together. Make sure the tips are pointy.
    • Use the white construction paper to cut out two circles and draw pupils using the black marker.
    • Using the orange construction paper, cut out a nose. Then cut out the turkey’s “snood” using the red construction paper.
    • Glue the facial items on and then glue the colorful feathers on the back.
    • Optional Hat: Punch holes in the sides and tie the elastic string through so that you can secure it on your heads!


Photo Credit: Glued To My Crafts Blog

  1. Paper plate leaf –
  • Materials: Scissors, Glue, Stapler, Brown or Tan Cardstock, Paper Plates, Yellow/Tan/Orange Tissue Paper:
  • Directions:
    • Cut paper plates into the shapes of leaves. There is no right or wrong way to do this, so get creative!
    • Tear tissue paper into small bits. You will use these to decorate the plates.
    • Cover one side of your paper-plate leaf cut-outs in glue. Then cover the area with the tissue-paper bits you’ve cut up.
    • Using the cardstock, create a stem by cutting cut out a slimmer, rectangular piece.
    • Staple the stem to the finished paper plate leaf and voila!
    • You may add other embellishments tothe leaves as you see fit, be as creative as you want!

Photo Credit: Hostess With The Mostess

  1. Paper Pumpkin Ornaments –
  • Materials: Construction Paper- 1 sheet of green, 1 sheet of brown, 2 sheets of orange; scissors, string, paper clips or stapler.
  • Directions:
    • Using the orange construction paper, cut 1” wide strips. Then shorten some of the strips so that you have 2-11” pieces, 2-9” pieces, 2-7” pieces, and 1-6” piece.
    • Next, collect the strips of paper together with the longest ones of the outside and the shortest one in the middle. You want to make sure the ends are together so that the strips create a round shape. Staple or paper clip the top and then do the same with the bottom.
    • To create the stem, cut a ¼” by 3” strip from the brown construction paper. To curl, wrap it around pencil and hold for approximately 20 seconds.
    • Using the green construction paper, cut out two leaf shapes.
    • Staple the stem, leaves, and string to the top of the pumpkin.
    • Hang up anywhere! ☺

Photo Credit: Crafty Morning

  1. Tissue Paper Turkey –
  • Materials: Different color tissue paper (turkey feathers), scissors, glue, black marker, paper plates, orange/red/brown construction paper
  • Directions:
    • To start, cut the different colors of tissue paper on top into symmetric leaf shapes.
    • Using the brown construction paper, cut out the shape of a turkey body. Using the red construction paper, cut out a turkey “snood” or the red part that hangs from their beak. Lastly, using the orange paper, cut out a beak and a set of feet.
    • Arrange and glue these features on the brown cutout to get the body of the turkey.
    • You also will need a pair of eyes, you can use white paper for this or draw them on the brown cutout.
    • Cover the plate in glue.
    • Place the tissue paper cut outs on the place facing outwards.
    • In the middle on the bottom, glue the turkey body on in a way that the ‘feathers’ protrude from it.

Photo Credit: Free Kids Crafts

  1. Craft-stick scarecrow –
  • Materials: Marker, cardstock, googly eyes, tacky glue, 3 colors of felt for hair and hat, craft sticks
  • Directions:
    • Using the cardstock, cut out a square and then glue the craft sticks to it to keep them together and sturdy.
    • Next, using the felt, cut out hair in several rectangle pieces, and then a hat. Using the last color of felt, cut out a nose.
    • Glue on the rectangular pieces to mimic hair, at the top of the glued-together craft sticks.
    • Glue the felt hat on top. Finish up by gluing on the eyes and nose.