A Message to New Dads

New dads, don’t worry, a crying baby can rattle any parent. Just remember, babies feel your tension and stress too. Sometimes you won’t know why your baby is crying or what to do? Try to calmly hold your baby closely, swaddle them in a soft blanket, quietly sing to your baby and rock back and forth. Sometimes they just need to cry themselves to sleep. Comforting a baby who is crying is not spoiling them. Many babies learn how to self-calm just knowing someone is there. You stepping in to help out mom, especially when she is low on sleep and high on hormones, is so incredibly helpful to her. Plus, you get time to bond with your new child.

Balancing the seemingly constant demands of the baby, the needs of other children, and the household chores is not always easy. Nights spent feeding, diapering, and walking the floor with a crying baby can quickly take their toll with fatigue for both parents. By working as a team, new parents can accomplish it all.

By adjusting his priorities and “rising to the occasion,” Dad can strengthen an already strong bond with Mom as well as with the new child. Also, by working as a team, parenting couples can adapt to their new, stressful circumstances.

Working as a team to relieve each other for naps or “downtime,” parenting couples might find that even though they share less “quality time” together, they may actually feel closer than ever. Conflict is normal, and thankfully, temporary. Life will soon settle into a routine and once again give you time to for each other, restoring your sex life and social activities. Remember, that while the baby is sleeping or one of you is caring for them, you’re entitled to hold, hug, cuddle, and kiss each other as well as the baby.


It’s important for Dads to spend time with their child to form emotional attachments. Mothers and fathers play and interact with baby differently, these interactions complement each other and are essential for baby’s development. For the first few weeks dad might feel left out because so much attention is on baby and mom. Becoming involved with your new baby, the feelings of stress and exclusion will decrease. Your other children will also need the support from their dad, as mom is consumed with caring for the new baby.

The addition of a new baby to the family is an exciting time! There will be stress and sleeplessness amongst the joys and miracles, but parents who stick together and lean on each other can do it all. Don’t be shy about asking your pediatricians at Children’s Medical Center for help. You can do this!

For more information on being a new parent follow this link: https://www.healthychildren.org/English/ages-stages/baby/Pages/Welcome-To-The-World-of-Parenting.aspx