ADHD and Your Child

Does your child have ADHD? How do you know? If you have not asked this question then maybe a friend, relative, or teacher has. On February 7th at 6:30pm in the Greenville office we will explore the characteristics of ADHD, how we diagnose it, and how we treat it.  If you want more information or just have questions about ADHD, this class is for you.

Have you heard of an IEP or 504 and did not know what it meant? Need help dealing with school, knowing your rights and the legal obligations of the school, or just navigating it all? We’re here to help! We will also have Cindy Benton, LPN, with us to address these concerns and help you be your child’s advocate.

Please call the Greenville office at (864) 288-5402 to sign up for the class.

Mark DeMoss, MD